Magnet Paint Brush Holder

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This is an excellent solution to the age-old problem of where to rest your brush when it is loaded with paint, lacquer, or stain.

It keeps the brush always in the right position and avoids dirt, the paint returns to the pot, saves paint and time for unnecessary cleaning. 

Magnet Paint Brush Holder is designed to clip to the rim of any size of a can, it has integral magnets to securely hold the brush ferrule, allowing paint, etc., to flow from the bristles back into the can, making brush clean-up much easier. One magnet keeps the brush above the liquid in a full can, and the other grips it vertically for when the liquid level is lower.


  • Magnets attach to the brush's metal ferrule. Hold your paint brush in place, allowing paint to fall back into the paint can.
  • Magnet Paint Brush Holder holds a brush in either of two positions. Brushes can be held in a vertical or angled position.
  • Includes built-in paint can opener. Suitable for most brush sizes.
  • Holder clips onto the side of the paint tin. A very useful tool for professional or DIYer painters. It is washable.

Package Includes:

2*Magnet Paint Brush Holder

Paint like a professional with Magnet Paint Brush Holder!

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