Screw Tapping Tool - EasyTaps™

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Hand tapping is a slow and tedious process that has remained unchanged for years. EasyTaps™ drive end is designed to match bolt sizing and utilize all the advantages of common sockets and wrenches — EasyTaps™ is sure to speed up your processes.

EasyTaps™ work faster and last longer than traditional hand taps due to the engineered advantages. Tests on mild steel indicate tapping 100 holes or more while maintaining the same high-quality thread.


  • Excellent high-speed steel, high hardness with good durability.
  • Nitriding coated surface for anti-rust effect.
  • Performed well in tapping, quick with high accuracy.
  • Spiral pointed design for simultaneous chip removal and tapping.
  • Suitable for machine and manual use, great for auto repair and machinery where metric threads are specified.
  • It is the most versatile option for the non-skilled worker allowing for further cost savings, or allowing the professional to increase productivity.


  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Size: 3mm /4mm /5mm /6mm /8mm
  • Thread Diameter: 3mm(M3)/4mm(M4)/5mm(M5)/6mm(M6)/8mm(M8)