Angle Level Gauge

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Whether you're a professional or an amateur DIY-er or craftsman, unleveled edges and badly measured angles are a real no-no!

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Angle Level Gauge measure all angles in either 360° range or four 90°quadrants. It can display both degree and slope and built with 4 strong magnets. A display is always in an upright position which best especially when working overhead. Not only this instrument can measure the horizontal and vertical surface, but it also can measure the angles of all slopes rise & fall.


  • Made of high-quality Aluminum Alloy, lightweight, firm and durable.
  • LCD large display screen provides easily digital reading.
  • Blue backlight, easy to read at night or in a dark place.
  • High resolution up to ±0.5°, large measuring range 0~225°.
  • With a hold button, you can lock your measured readings.
  • Without operating in 5 minutes, it will automatically turn off to prolong the batteries life.
  • It also can be used as a spirit level to quickly measure the horizontal and vertical angle.
  • With a portable bag, convenient to carry.


    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Measuring Range: 0~225°
    • Measuring Accuracy: ±0.5°
    • Resolution: 0.1°
    • Power Supply: 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery(Not included)
    • Dimension: 400 x 50 x 22mm / 15.75" x 1.97" x 0.87"
    • Weight: 450g

    Operating Instructions:

    1. Switch on the angle meter.
    2. Unfold the arm to measure the angle, the LCD will display the readings.
    3. Adopt the comparative method to measure the angle or set the lineation angle.
    4. You can fasten the Hold Button to lock the angle invariable when drawing the angle line.
    5. Open the backlight when the beam is dark.


    • Do not move the screws and components at random.
    • Please handle your angle meter with care, use even strength to rotate the Rotate Arm, and do not use too much strength.
    • Don’t keep the backlight open for a long time.
    • When the low power Alarm icon appears on the display, please change the batteries

    Package Includes:

    1*Angle Level Gauge 

    Say goodbye to unprofessional handiwork with Angle Level Gauge!

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