Magic Markers™

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Magic Markers = The Perfect Match for Every Scratch!

Instead of hiding dings, scratches, wear and blemishes in your timeless wooden furniture, easily and instantly repair them with the Magic Markers™.

Magic Markers™ repair and restore color to any wood surface. Restore scratched furniture to its original beauty! Amazing furniture repair markers make scratches, imperfections, and holes disappear magically, plus restore color to your tables, floors and other wood surfaces for like-new beauty. 

This set of 8 comes in a range of colors so that they can be blended for a perfect match every time. Just apply directly to areas in need of restoration and blemishes instantly disappear -- no time is consumed matching, staining and drying. Colors are easily drawn on, so you can instantly see results eliminating the guesswork. Hide wood imperfections, nails, holes and scratches. 


  • Perfect for vintage furniture
  • Just draw over scratch, nick or discoloration & watch them disappear permanently.
  • Large felt-tip furniture markers contain special stain to match wood finishes.
  • Instantly cover Blemishes, nicks scuffs & scratches on wood, wood-veneer, furniture, trim, cabinets, doors, frames, etc.
  • Works with any wood, any color
  • Saves hundreds of dollars on repairs