Magic Silicone Gloves

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These cleaning gloves have flexible and soft bristles built into the hands of the gloves. Clean your dishes or do your household chores in half the time without having anything extra to hold on to. The little bristles cover the entire palm and even takes the shape of all 5 of your fingers where you can submerge your whole hand in extremely hot water to clean the stubborn grime.

Forget spending money on those nasty and dirtiest thing you call a sponge.  Perfect for cleaning grimy dishes, dirty counters, or filthy toilets, the sponge gloves not only make your cleaning duties that much easier, faster but will keep your hands and arms clean in the process. Scrub your hand and fingers on whatever needs cleaning and you're job is done.

Features & Benefits:

  • Keep Your Arms 100% Dry - Prevents them from filling up with water when you stick your hands in a sink full of water. Nobody likes that feeling when your gloves fill with dirty water.
  • Effective -  Removes stubborn stains without leaving scratches without harming your hands and fingers. 
  • Better Grip - Allows to grip items better than you would be able to with just your fingers when hand washing dishes or grabbing precious items. 
  • Care For Your Skin Hot water and harsh chemicals can do a number on your skin. Protect your skin by not allowing it to be exposed to chemicals and water temperatures that can irritate and dry out your hands. 
  • Avoid - Cuts by any knives or any sharp objects that might occur while cleaning. 
  • Prevent Touching The Grime - The fact is, that there are jobs in our home that are yucky, icky, and gross to do. They are even more disgusting to touch and expose your skin too.
  • Protect From Nasty Infections - Gunk and grime are pretty nasty, a build-up of dirt, nastiness, germs, leading to infections and illness. Make sure you're protected from germs and opt to always wear your gloves.


  • Material: Silicone 100% 
  • Size: 13.6 x 6.5 inches
  • Color: White, Green, Pink

    Package Included:

    • Magic Silicone Gloves (1 Pair)