Multi-Purpose Square

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The Multi-Purpose Square is a true multi-tool. It can be used as a square, depth gauge, scriber, and a level.

The Multi-Purpose Square accurately measures distances and angles with the True leveling vial. This square features blade etchings in centimeters, millimeters and a hardened scriber for marking surfaces. Solidly crafted with an etched steel blade, it includes a self-aligning drawbolt that allows for fast, easy measurement changes.


  • Affordable: Dual Marked 300mm Aluminium Rule.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable leveled square head
  • Durable: Made from High-Quality Stainless steel with clearly and accurately graduations.
  • Multi-function: Can be used as an outside try square, depth gauge, scriber, 90 degree and 45 degree level.
  • Portable: Multi-Purpose Square, Ideal for Engineers and DIY work.


  • Material: Metal And Stainless Steel Parts
  • Dimension : 305mm x 107mm x 125mm

Examples of use: