Solar Welding Helmet

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Are You Welding Safe and Secure with Your Helmet?

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 The Welding Helmet that Everyone Needs!

Solar Welding Helmet has a variety of styles and multiple choices of precision welding mask can not only effectively protect you in the welding work, but also can meet your various needs in different environments. It is a solar energy automatic variable light electric welding protective masks, designed to protect the eyes and faces from shattering sparks and harmful radiation under normal welding condition. 


  • Auto-Darkening-  Convenient automatic dimming perfectly adapts to a variety of complex work environments, bringing convenience to your work.
  • Photoelectric sensor technology-  High-quality dual LCD and filter, which provide u a clear field of view and effective protection, ultraviolet ray protection grade up to DIN16.
  • Advanced Performance-  Portable and balance design, fully adjustable headgear, provides comfortable wearing and relieves fatigue.
  • Breathable Design-  The streamlined design avoid the lens blur at low temperature because of breathing, and ensure breathe normally.
  • Solar Powered- No battery needed, the solar charging system will charge the inserted battery automatically.


  • Optical Class:1/2/1/2
  • Viewing Area:92*42mm
  • Arc Sensor:2
  • Light State: DIN16

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1*Solar Welding Helmet

Make Your DIY Project Safe and Comfortable with Solar Welding Helmet!

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