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The Mini Hole Jig is an amazing repair jig and an exceptionally handy addition to any tool collection. its compact design lets you work where you need to most, and it gives you what you need to start building wood joints that will last the life of your creation. 

With the Mini Hole Jig, you can build bookcases, shelves, and storage projects for your home. It's also great for creating custom built-ins, and countless other home improvement projects. Plus, the Mini Hole Jig can be used portably to make lasting repairs around your home.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Make strong hidden joints, fast and easily produced
  • Dual Pocket 15° Bit Angle, you can make perfect joints
  • Easily change between Multi-Size 6/8/10mm drill bit, used for any wood type, position and angle.
  • Easily attaches to any Face Clamp, bar clamp, or C-clamp
  • Made of solid Aluminum, not rust or break, this Is the last hole Jig you'll need.
  • Furniture making, kitchen fitting, strong frames and carcasses.


  • 1 x Mini Hole Jig 
  • 6 x Reduction Bores (6, 8 and 10mm)